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NASHVILLE PUBLIC TELEVISION is Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky’s public television station. Through a combination of original programming and broadcast content from a variety of providers, including PBS and APT, NPT presents high quality educational, cultural and civic experiences that address issues and concerns of the people of the Nashville region. Support NPT today by visiting http://www.wnpt.net/support.

NPT MEDIA UPDATE, edited by Joe Pagetta, Media Relations Manager, is about NPT, public television, Nashville, what’s on TV, what’s off TV and more. We welcome your comments. Write Joe at jpagetta[at]wnpt.net.

6 Responses

  1. Greetings,
    I would like to purchase a copy of Next Door Neighbors: Little Kurdistan, USA – is this possible? A professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education would like to show it in her Spring 2009 course Comparative Perspectives on Immigration & Educaional Policy.
    Best wishes,

  2. In the beginning of November I sent off for two DTV converter coupons. My husband and I were both laid off this year, so new TVs are out of the question. My coupons should have arrived by 12/12. When they did not, I emailed only to find out that they had been sent and I was no longer qualified because the two had been used. Evidently, someone stole our two coupons and used them. Now, we have been tagged as not eliegible to recive them, if they are available and the DTV folks have never answered my request for replacement. This whole thing is a real mess. Especially, the idea that everyone can just run out and get a new tv. We live out in the country and PBS is our primary station. I am really concerened about what will happen.

  3. What is the station for NPT2 in Nashville, Tennessee on at&t u-verse? I would like to watch it. thanks.

  4. Hi Emmaline, unfortunately, NPT2 is currently not available on AT&T. But if you’ve got a digital TV, or a TV with a converter box, you can always pull it in over-the-air on 8.2.

    Hope that helps!


  5. I am very interested in purchasing 2 copies of “A Chronicle of Dick Proenneke’s Adventures Living Off the Land in a Remote Part of Alaska”.

    I live in east Tennessee and my sister-in-law lives in Missouri. We viewed this documentary in Lewisburg, KY and we found it so interesting that we wish to own a copy. Is this possible. I found this listed under NPT2 8.2. I really hope this will be possible.

    Thank you,
    Tracy L. Shannon

  6. Will the nutrition program (which aired on Tuesday morning by Daniel Acker, I believe) be shown again? I need to write down some of the info that I missed. We sure do wish we could get it on AT&T U-Verse! When will it available?

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